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Preventative Maintenance

The first thing you can do to prolong the working life of your transmission is to make sure it always has enough fluid. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the transmission. 

When there's not enough fluid, the transmission will run hotter and wear out sooner. The transmission fluid also provides the pressure needed to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. Not enough fluid, and your transmission won't shift properly. 

Bring it by, and we can check your transmission fluid level with a full service oil change and top it off if needed.

Keep Your Engine Running

As you can imagine, the constant grinding of gears against each other as you shift gears results in lots of little bits of metal floating in the fluid. The more there is, the faster the transmission parts will wear out. Transmission fluid also contains detergents and other additives to protect your transmission. These additives are depleted over time, so old fluid doesn't protect as well as new fluid. Your owner's manual will have a recommendation for when you should have a transmission service, or you can bring your car by to determine what services you will need.

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